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Frequently Asked Questions

Account, Subscription, Payment
What payment methods are available for subscribing to Snooper?
We currently accept the following payment methods:
Visa / MasterCard / American Express
How do I begin using Snooper once I've made a payment?
As soon as your payment is processed, please check your mailbox. Make sure you check both Inbox and Spam folders because sometimes automatically generated emails can be mistakenly classified as spam.
From the email, click the link and login to your account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll able to go through the installation procedure.
If I upgrade my plan, how does it affect pricing?
If you need to change or upgrade your subscription, you only pay the difference between the subscription prices at the time of payment.
I've forgotten my password, how can I recover it?
To recover your password, please contact our support.
How do I cancel my account?
Go to, and login with your credentials. Next, go to Account Settings and select the Delete Account button and follow the instructions.
I don't have a credit card. Can I pay with a bank transfer?
No, at the moment we only accept payment via credit card.
How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription to add/remove devices?
You can change your subscription plan at any time under the Account Settings option on
Technical Issues
Which devices does Snooper support?
Snooper is compatible with smartphones that run Android 2.2 or above.
Do I need physical access to the target device, in order to install Snooper?
Yes, you will need only about 5 minutes of physical access to the target phone during Snooper installation. Once successfully installed, Snooper will start sending data to your personal account at
Does the target smartphone need to be rooted before Snooper can be installed?
No, rooting is not required to install or run Snooper.
How do I install Snooper on the device?
You will need the target device for approximately 5 minutes. Once you have logged into Snooper, you will find detailed instructions for downloading the application secretly. Snooper is not downloaded from the typical "store" where apps are purchased or installed.
Can a user see that I have installed Snooper on their Android device?
No, Snooper runs completely hidden and will not be visible to the user anywhere
Does the device need Internet access for the software to work?
Yes, the target device must have internet enabled in order for Snooper to record activity.
It requires unrestricted GPRS internet on the device and a data package or internet plan, whether it be unlimited traffic or a specific amount of traffic.
Snooper can function over Wi-Fi hotspots, given that the hotspot has no filters or firewalls in place that could interfere with the software.