Powerful Android Monitoring Software for Everyday People.
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Who Uses Snooper?
Many people have a reason to snoop. What’s yours?
Parents Companies Couples You
I’m a Parent
Keep a silent eye on your child’s whereabouts and mobile activities and set up powerful parental controls.
My Company
Safeguard against mobile activities that can hurt your business. Secretly monitor multiple devices at once.
I Just Need To Know
Share information with a loved-one; Know your locations, chat/call histories, photos, and more.
I Need Security
Secure your own devices with Snooper in case of theft and track its location. Lock or remotely wipe its contents.
How Does It Work?
Snooper is an undetectable monitoring app that records all mobile activity and sends it back to you in real-time.
One-Time Installation
Install an undetectable app on the Android device in mere seconds. Anyone can do it.
Data Retrieval
Snooper automatically retrieves mobile data from your connected devices and feeds it back to you.
Your Snooper dashboard lets you view all device activity, manage alerts, and configure settings.
Full control from a single screen.
Whether it’s a text conversation, website visit, suspicious location, or call history,
follow every bit of activity with an intuitive interface.
Track Current Locations
Get up-to-date, detailed locations on a clean map interface, recorded 24/7.
Read Messages and IMs
See full text conversations in real-time, even if they are deleted from the phone.
See Call History
View calls made or received including number, name, duration, and date.
Check Browsing History
Find the exact website URLs they visited on their mobile browsers.
Set Up Alerts
Create custom notifications that alert you when certain activity takes place.
View Contacts and Apps
Be aware of every app downloaded or contact added to their phone.
Follow Where They Go...
Snooper’s Geolocation tracking reports a full log of movements made by the device, including up-to-date detailed GPS coordinates and mobile network coordinates.
Information like dates, timestamps, and point-to-point mapping are displayed on a clean map interface so you can easily visualize movement.
Read Their Conversations...
Snooper reports both incoming and outgoing SMS messages in real-time, including the contact details, timestamp, and date of each conversation.
Snooper records messages as they are received and sent, so you’ll still be able to see an SMS or conversation, even if the user deletes them later on.
Reveal Their Call History...
Incoming, outgoing, and missed calls are all recorded as they are received by the device, so you’ll still be able to see every single call even if the user removes the calling history manually from their phone.
Information like phone number, contact name, duration and date are displayed for every call type.
Track Websites They Visit...
Get the full URLs of every website they visit on their mobile browser, including date and time.
Fully Expose Contacts...
Snooper saves every contact saved in their phone, including name, profile photo (if one exists) phone number, email address, SMS conversation history, and call history associated with the connected device.
Discover Apps They Use...
Glance at which apps they have downloaded on their device, or search through their device or installed apps.
Know Right Away...
Snooper allows you to set up customizable alerts for specific device activity (e.g. calls, messages, locations, browsing sites).
The alerts will appear in your Snooper dashboard. Additionally, you can opt to receive an email when an alert has been triggered by one of your connected devices.
With Snooper, knowledge is power.
Whoever you are, Snooper offers the following:
Completely Undetectable
A user will not notice that their Android is secretly sending its data to you.
Easy to Use
We built Snooper to be simple and quick for anyone to be an effective supervisor.
Clean Design
Your Snooper interface is beautiful and intuitively easy to navigate.

Full-Service Support
We’re always available to answer your questions, requests and issues.
Full Disclosure
Data is recorded as-is in real-time, even if items are deleted from the device.
Secure and Private
Our technology uses the latest in secure encryption for both web and mobile.
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Snooper Users’ Stories
Read real-life testimonials sent in by Snooper users.
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My small sales team gets company Android devices and software like Snooper is a job requirement-especially to track new hirees. Snooper is hands-down the simplest and cleanest web interface we've used so far
Terrible. I mean the thing works perfectly, but I wound up seeing text messages about birthday presents and surprises. Think it through.
Hi! Just wanted to say that I installed Snooper for my two kids and their cell phones. One of my sons lost his phone on a school trip. The [geolocation map] gave me a general idea where it was. Turns out he dropped it in the middle of nowhere and it was still there when I went to find it!
Snooper was a worthy one-time investment. I run my own business and I am the kind of person that does not act without concrete proof. Here, I had a whole lot of it.
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